Desert Chic

This past weekend while I was out & about I was inspired by all the 90’s trends that are making a come back. For one thing, there were two kinds of people in the 90’s. There were the 90’s grunge rocking their ripped jeans or palazzo pants, flannel, a skate tee & Doc Martins, & then there were the ones who basically threw on whatever was in their eye sight…think crazy print pants, neon wind breakers & combat boots! I don’t know how that “style” came about but it was all the rage. Anyways, as I was shopping around I saw all the crazy 90’s trends on the racks mixing in with the bohemian floral pieces and it got me thinking about styling looks for Coachella and all the other desert festivals that are coming up. I just love how this style has evolved and is basically trending every spring/summer with a few added touches like chokers, bigger hats, and body gems.

What I’m wearing are pieces I already had or passed down to me. Like the belt & turquoise pictured above-those were my Nana’s and she rocked them all the time back in the day! She was my style icon when I was younger. Because trends come and go It’s really easy to mix up old and new stuff to create an awesomely styled outfit. I had to sort threw my jewelry & bags but ended up styling looks that will be on repeat all spring & summer.

I love the look of crop tops & shorts or long maxi dress with an oversized denim jacket or kimomo. Floral patterns are huge right now, as are many bold prints for skirts and palazzo pants so for your top you could wear a crop top or a body suit (either flowy top & hip hugging bottoms or tiny too & flowy bottoms..all about balance). I’m a huge hat fan and love that Wide Brim hats are also trending, so be sure to top your outfit off with a hat and as for accessories think more is more. Wear your statement necklace(s) with a choker and for shoes I just love a good fringe boot. 

Forever 21 has some amazing pieces that fit the Desert Chic look and what’s even better is that it’s all perfectly priced and budget friendly!

Palazzo & Wide-Leg pants here // Long Skirts here // Crop Tops here // Chokers here // Statement necklaces here // Wide Brims here // Floral Kimono here // Fringe Boots here  //Round Sunnies here



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