Aging Gracefully

We all want clear smooth skin. Why inject your face with Botox? I think we get caught up with what’s popular and what’s the easiest way to get what we want. Why take a short cut? Adjust your routine and utilize these 5 simple tips to prevent wrinkles.

1. Clean your face before bed. There may be nights where you fall asleep with your make-up on. That’s a big no no! Make it a habit to wash your face. I use Peabody & Paisley Charcol Detox Soap on my face along with Murad Refreshing Cleanser and Murad Clarifying Cleanser. Sounds like a lot for a face clean but it makes my face feel so fresh. If I am having trouble getting my make up off I use Aveeno foam wash or Ponds Cold Cream cleaner.

2. Moisturize! After my face is squeaky clean I apply Murad Age Spot Serum and Murad Perfecting Night Cream (I use this for day & night). After that I spritz my face with either Murad Hydrating toner or Body Prescriptions Facial Mist (I randomly found this product at TJMaxx and I love it). After this routine my face feels dewy and clean.

3. Wear sunscreen. I mix Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 with my foundation. I don’t like heavy make-up on my face so it doesn’t feel weighted down with product when I mix the two. So there you go. Now you have double coverage!

4. Drink lots of water. Water is so important. Drinking dehydrating soda, coffee and alcohol will age you!! I am a coffee lover and I do love my wine but I make sure I’m drinking my water. I drink up to 60 ounces of water a day. If I don’t I feel like I’m in the Sahara Desert. So drink your water!

5. Eat your veggies and fruits. It’s that simple. They are packed with so much nutrients that help with aging and not to mention your waist line 🙂

If you give yourself 5-10 minutes to take care of your face you will thank yourself when you are older! I am obsessed with Murad products!! All products I listed above are linked directly to the products  site. Enjoy! Xo

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