I’m the gal behind daydreaming.damsel. My name is Sheena Cutler. I am a San Diego native just living that California Dream. I love random adventures, sunshine and finding budget babe deals. I am all about that healthy work-life balance so follow me for life and style tips, latest obsessions and everything else that life throws our way.

Random Facts About Me: My blood type is caffeine-Like seriously I need it to live. I am a naturally happy and positive person. I have a lab mix named Griffey Jr. Cutler. My favorite word is shenanigans. I found my soulmate in Pacific Beach. Love is always right there when you least expect it.

Everyday I strive to live a simple, happy life. The people I surround myself with are motivating, positive, and inspiring.

It’s one thing to be the Boss Lady of your own life, but I’m working towards being my own Boss Lady of a business. I’m not sure what my business will be yet, but I am excited to be on this journey!

“It’s the independent American spirit that built this county- hard-working entrepreneurs who believe in the reality of their dreams.” Robert E. Hughes